Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Do Care!

Today's Christmas day, and I'm doing nothing. Well, actually I've no idea what to do. Just like an ordinary day, I'm doing what I want to spend my bored day. In the morning, I red my timeline on twitter, there's a good news, surely for my hobby (travelling), it was a special offer fare from one of Indonesia Airlines. I tried to open the website but I've got nothing. Then, to overcome my feeling, I opened youtube. Right, I found this video!


Firstly, I've got no hard feeling to this video. Who doesn't know Marcell? His voice could be so melted with your soul. I like him just the way he is. But, I tried to hear the lyric. Damn! Im so speechless. "Okay, calm down, Thar!", my voice within. I'm used to face this unpredictable thing nicely by seeing this video sequentially. Scene by scene till the end. And I found some resemblance, not at all.

But, wait, this is not over. I found those comment. I red her expressions. Gosh! What Kind of video is this. Correctly, what kind of story WE have. They asked about differences, God, and religion. They asked about why, why, and why! Honestly, I almost cried when I was reading their comments one by one. So sad. While people out of there shout out about religious bigotry, however there're people who fight for unity because of love.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nothing On Christmas!

Well, I got it! It isnt about how many times I went to Batam, or how long I stayed in that bored town. Its about Christmas. If Mariah Carrey tells you that all she wants for Christmas was 'you', I'll tell you a different one. For me, no one could cover my feeling by anything when Christmas starting. I do hate Christmas at all! For it begins on December, for it celebrates on 25rd, for it helds by family, for it marks with 'warmth', and for it ends by nothing. Ya, nothing. Nothing happen after all. Most of people just like dolls, dancing to put christmas tree's stuff when December coming, they're drawing something like peace's sign on the Christmas day. May I call it by pseudo-day? Because you got your smile on that day as a stuff too, then you'll put it down when everything's over.

For So Many Times, Batam!

Time goes so fast, and all these unpredictable things bring me to my town for a hundredth time. I dont know, is it good news or not, looks close to a bored activity. Stay at home for a couple weeks, take care my little brother in the morning, help my mother's business as a cashier, go to chinese mall (most bored thing in Batam), and do some detox because of my mother's madness to healthy. Imagine it! Gosh.. if Batam was Bali, maybe I'll catch it as often as possible. Then, I am just a dreamer.

And now, I have no idea to do. My clothes still in laundry, my suitcase still at my friend's room, my ticket hasnt been printed,  my sister's gift birthday hasnt been imagine, and also one exam schedule on my flight-day. So, could you show me where's the part that I have desire to go home? None.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's great to make some plans, to chose any opportunity, to create a moment, and to built a beautiful scene. Well, I am not sure what these things for, is it a right one to cover the bad scenes, or just a mad one as adult-nature? Whatever it is, I am doing so fine. I will, surely if God's will be present on my plan.

Some people said that you have to create a good moment, and other said (sometimes) you have to let it be and just wait for the right time. Then I just thinking, If I were a bartender, I'll shake it in a glass to mix it as a one. Why? Because one thing has their good side and their bad side, isnt it? So, make your brain works, how if two things imperfect collide and be so melt in every side: They live for complement. Then, heres the result, heres the plan which is born by time, intention, and effort. Wish me luck to prove it.

Lodtunduh, Ubud

I dont know why, it's like licking a lollipop, my heart beats quickly, and all I wanna do is smile, smile, and smile.  Yap, this is my dream which is come from Dewi Lestari's book, named Perahu Kertas. So, I think I dont need to put many words here to tell how much dances I got to wait it for real! You've got it, guys.

Water Blow, Nusa Dua

A lot of water fly as a splash around you. Hmm.. sounds amazing, huh? Once more you got melt with air, water, the island, and also the lovely. Yap, it'll be one of the wonderfull piece in my scene.

Danau Batur, Kintamani

Honestly, I dont get any chemistry with this place. Its just because the Kintamani, and Batur lake just one of tourist object in Kintamani. Maybe I'll take my time to cross the lake to Trunyan, but its hanging to my courage-level there hahahah.

Blue Point Beach

What kind of words I have to describe this beach? Firmly, I have nothing, because nothing to describe, rightly nothing to have a correction. It makes my mood availaible on the highest level suddenly. Be real, please.

Dinner at Jimbaran

Sunset, candles, beach, seafood, fresh air, and lovely. I guess it close to a perfect one. It'll be perfect if this moment could be 'our' moment when everything going so old one day. But, at least, I ever had a great picture in Jimbaran.

No prohibition to make some plans, isnt it? So, I did. And surely it isnt separated from God's will. I do my little job, God :)