Monday, February 28, 2011

The Question Was The Answer

Most of us know the quote. But, have you ever think about the meaning of the quote? I had. It's begin with a film. Ya, glad to show you how the way they work in my life. The film title's Shutter Island. Dont interrup me, please, because I've not complete my story yet. Maybe, I'm not going to tell you a fact of the film. Just like I'm as usual, I'll tell you my side based on the film.

For one or two reasons, this film lets us tried to seek the answer. Who's Teddy? What's wrong with his life? or something like 'Why Teddy bla bla bla?'. But, could you find another conclusion behind the fact about the subject? Perhaps. Then, let me show you what I used to think. Firstly, just ignore Teddy, because subject wasn't the main mark of the film's message. Note the question and the answer. Why? Because life just about seek and found.

Sometimes, what we seek was what we find. We too busy to seek, we too long to think, we ignore around. We think about the key, we think about how to open the door without the key, we don't think another 'key'. Then, we lost in our own way to get the key. Now, see! Could you open a door without a key? I could, because I find another 'key' and sometimes the another 'key' was the question.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Javier Hernandez

Well, let's say something about football! Great, I don't know at all about football. But, wait, I'll try to make it sweet, just like accidentally in love, hmmm maybe with football exactly. For me, football wasn't the only way to say 'goaaallll...' spiritly. In my dictionary, the word comes out of my mouth spiritly when I make my success. But, don't push me to prove it now, because I've took my opportunity to say 'goaaallll...' spiritly for the first time. Just because him, Javier Hernandez :)

No one could treat you better than your favorite thing. Why? Because when your favorite thing become so bored or whatever called bad, you just can't ignore the favorite one. So do I. I love football by my way. Then, if Chicharito was my way to start to like football, its gonna be the sweetest way! I hope, one day, we'll meet in my favorite island, Bali. One day! I think I'm in love with you, boy.