Friday, March 25, 2011

I Realized

I don't know why these things came in to my mind lately. Maybe, if there's no correlation among these things, I'll prefer not to ask why, but in the fact, they look like a message or an unique signal. For one and two reasons, sometimes the things I ignored change to be one thing which is more touched. Well, it makes me more understand then. So, here they're: Utuh lyrics by Tangga, Harusnya Kau Pilih Aku lyrics by Terry, and Short Story titled Sikat Gigi by Dewi Lestari (Filosofi Kopi).

Saturday, March 05, 2011

It Isn't An Island, It's Bali.

I've used these phrase to describe other name of place. Well, sure I can explain why I put the different one since the day, simply: I owe them. For the memories, the special capture, the unpredict moment and many more. Than, it's just the way begin. What an amaze place I've been visited!

Bali was the second place which can talk to me by their natures. With all their unbelieving paradise, there're so many ways I've been touched. I hope this place gonna be the last place in my wow-place's list. And, if you asked me about Yogyakarta, calmly I'll say that they still had a space in my heart, but not as big as one or two years ago.

Anyway, Bali is celebrating Caka New Year right now. Om Swastiyastu :) It's always be my dream to go to Bali when everyone's praying with their silences. Interesting, you have to handle your lust as a human to have a holy pray along day. This is one of nice thing about Bali: reflection. They teach me to be calm and pray seriously without any word, just do it lovely.

Do you remember one of the key's clue in a Hollywood film which shoot in Bali? Yap, Eat, Pray, Love. The film didn't featured the pray's part in Bali, they have featured the love's part one. But, it looks so special when they tell how to find a true love by getting a balanced in life. This scene shows me how to handle any possibilities in life with my balanced, my reflection, my time to learn from yesterday. Bali gives me opportunity to step up by known down. Bali gives me more!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Better Late Than Never, But Better Never Than Ever!

"Andai aku bisa
Memutar kembali
Waktu yang t'lah berjalan
Tuk kembali bersama di dirimu slamanya

Bukan maksud aku membawa dirimu
Masuk terlalu jauh
Ke dalam kisah cinta
Yang tak mungkin terjadi

Dan aku tak punya hati

Untuk menyakiti dirimu
Dan aku tak punya hati tuk mencintai
Dirimu yang selalu mencintai diriku
Walau kau tahu diriku masih bersamanya"

I don't hate the memory, I do hate the regret. I'm so sorry :(