Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I'm Not Saying That I'm In Love With You, I Just ...

"Sometimes, find much bids make you realize that you're alive among many choices, and you'll have no reason to not smile all long day"

 Everybody wants to have an opportunity to choose, even there's only one choice. But, how if you had many choices next to you? Hesitate? No, I'm not. In other words, I'll keep it mine. I'll try to reach what should I fight in my life. So, those choices never give me a pleasure, but an open-minded's stuff. Actualy, this stuff such as positive thing when the circumstances brought you into an unpredictable one. Find this stuff just like fight in another way. And surely, you'll get new offer as quick as your mind grew up. What a live!

Well, honestly, I got this condition at the moment. But, I haven't find the stuff anyway. Ya, I've been learning about how to get the stuff wisely, not easyly. So, I think I'm very enjoy this lesson, because this could be the gold key for my life. And sure I've been waiting a long time to meet this moment. Anyway, thank you for new people who fills my great life lately. I'm falling for all of you :p