Sunday, July 31, 2011

Falling in love with another after breaking up isn't a good drug!

A couple months ago, I broke up with my ex. I really desprated and I couldn't move on. Then, my friend tried to entertaint me, she introduced me to her friend, she hoped that I could forget my pain by falling in love with her friend. Yes, I fallen in love with her friend. At that time, I agreed that you can heal your pain that caused by your ex with falling in love with another one. But, now I realize, I was wrong.

Well, there's nothing wrong with falling in love with another after you were breaking up with your ex. However, you have to make sure that you'll keep it as your voice within, not such like a substitution thing. But, if you can choose to not fall in love, I think it can be better. Why? Because your heart needs a time to deal with your mind. Let both of them have quality time to help you to fix it by your self. Let the pain shapes you, so you're not rely to another! Because if you let your self fall in love with another after breaking up with your ex, you will do the same thing everytime you breaking up! How if you don't find another after breaking up? Imagine it and be independent!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All I Need Is Beach

This gonna be a difficult one. I don't know how to describe the situation was, or I just have no words to say. Everything seems like an annoying thing now, they appear to be an enemy when I need a friend. So, I don't know what to do. Ya, no expect!

I spend my day by doing nothing. The worst thing, now I have a good relation with my tears and pillow, a long day. Well, I knew it looks so nerd. Call me nuts now, it's worth. What would I hope behind all my weekness now? Yes, I'm zero.

Now, I'm so desperate to see beach. I think, it could be a drug to heal my pain now. The sunrise, the sunset, the sand, the wind, the waves, all I want is just sitting on the beach. Maybe talk with someone else. Anyone want to kidnap me to the beach? If...