Sunday, October 16, 2011

Even Patrick did it!

This is ridiculous but quite make sense. I just caught my self accepted a not-really good reason. It's about an excuse. More less, we called it by 'the only way'. Ya, in this case, we have no choice. Just one!

I agreed with this unbelievable thing after going through some examples. Firstly, I had a friend, well not really friend, he's around 35 years old I guess. Whatever his age is, for me he's sad-man. Long story but ya he lost his girlfriend and also miss his kid who never met him. His girlfriend's father didn't agree with their relationship. Even when the girl turned out pregnant, he still had no permission to marry the girl. In the end, he always get drunk everytime he remember the girl. Maybe be drunk was the only ticket to bring him out of 'his feeling'.

Secondly, I watched a film. This film tells how many sacrifices a man did to make her girlfriend falls in love everyday, because the girl had a goldfield syndrome which is couldn't remember anything each morning she woke up. The title is 50 First Dates. Recomended!

Thirdly, I red a book. It's about the girl who fights for a man she really loves. Even when the man isn't deserve to wait for, in the fact she couldn't ignore her feeling, she still waiting along day. Uniquely, she had a freakin way to cover her feeling when she really really hopes the man comes back to her life. She brushing her teeth. She thought when she brushing her teeth, the world becomes so quite because she only listens to one voice, her brushing's voice. By that way, she will forget her pain.

Now lets make it as simple one. Have you ever heard someone who lives in coma? Could you imagine how her family's feeling? When doctor said she's only waiting her 'right time to go'. Then it's getting so hard when there's no good progress which is a sign of her healing. And you knew eventually, the only thing you can do as her family is let her go, even it feels so hurt, it's the only way to make her rest in peace.

Well, sometimes you can't classify everything into a 'right' or 'wrong' thing. There's a time when people do bad thing just because they want to make the only one choice which left works. So, whatever it takes, looks good or not, please dare to look behind the story. Why they do that? How come she can survive? Or maybe, what he took to make he looks strong enaugh? Bet, you'll be so easy to understand it when you know the reason. Everything happens for a reason, isn't it? And ya, this is life. Even Patrick, he could say, "If being an idiot is the only way to be your best friend, I'd rather be an idiot". How lucky Spongebob!