Thursday, January 19, 2012

The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back

So, if you terrified of heights, then you must go bungee-jumping or sky-diving soon!

It must be a public secret about life. When people force you to face it, instead of runaway. Because how long you can run, there ain't no place that far. It's like a quote that says, "If you tell a truth you don't have to remember it". Then, never lying for anything if you wouldn't walk in much carefully. Finaly, in this case, what you've to do is face the trouble by telling the truth.

And now, here I go for something that's not as simply as facing trouble. Commonly, when you are requested to face your trouble, of course you're going to shoot the target. But, how about trauma? Most of people who stick in trauma because they don't know how to behave on it. The one who's being hurt by someone is choosing to prepare the revenge. Whereas, they have no idea what they got after that? Does the trauma disappear after their successful revenge? No. The trouble would be pleased to shoot you back by making you realize that you did revenge in vain. So, guys, please becareful for what you are going to fix. Know it exactly first!