Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Anggar!

Honestly, am wondering if this post gonna be useful? Would you read this post after we lost in contact a year ago? Well, I guess am not going to wait your answer, because as usual, I don't need any reason for what am going to do, as long as you were the subject. Wherever you are, I hope you do nuts deed, like stalking on my blog. Impossible, eh? Whatever. A wish is a wish.

So.. should I start with 'how are you' or 'hows life' in the beginning of this post? Nggar, I guess I have no time to make a small talk. You know, if a hug could be typed in a word, I'd type it in a huge font! I really miss you. I never thought that I'd be this lost without you. I tried to live my life since you're gone. I tried to pull away everything about you, your phone number, your photo, your email, your postcards, anything. But, the worst thing ever is I do have my memories.

I remember, the last moment with you, when I had no words to say, even for simply sorry. Ya, people just right, this's too late. But, now, me do the right too, because what's more right than saying the truth of 'you still own me'? There's space here in my heart that would never be owned by anyone. You're still the one, Nggar, and I miss you. Get well soon. Happy birthday! 

Anyway, once you get in Indonesia, please lemme know :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's not them who born to hurt you, but it's time that exist to teach you!

"Have you ever been left before?"
"Any different?"
"Most of all, I guess not"
"So, it's definitely not a new thing in your life, right?"

We used to be complicated in everyting. I don't know if it happened on most of us, but I guess it is normal actually. I personaly do that. I blamed other for my hurt feeling. Just because someone I loved leaves me, then I tell myself to not believe anyone anymore. Though, if I could think this simply : "He just did something that didn't work on us, that's all". I bet I'll find more peaceful in my heart.
So, now, I hope you realized, there're many lessons from your up-and-down moments, and blamming just the easiest way to make everything getting worst. Think simply, act simply, then move on would be that simply too. Happy Valentine's Day, Folks!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you for making me crying, Ine!

I particularly know how to behave on these feelings. The problem is, am wondering if I had to do something or not. I'm not the one who likes to calculate something, but I guess, this time, I need to measuring what I've done, and I thought this is just too much. I need to sit down, take a rest for a while. I'm going to forgive myself for everything behind. I'll cry for a moment to know how exactly the fault is, then realizing how normal I'm as a human. Thank you for the chat healing, Ine. Going back soon! I miss you :)