Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I owe you a lot, Tulamben

Thank you for arranging the unbeliv-a-bubble safari dive.
Thank you for guiding me in every dive.
Thank you for making my dream come true: pass the exchange-day underwater!!!
Thank you for accompanying me floating when Tulamben's sky fulfilled of stars.
Thank you for the hot chocolate.
Thank you for the unexpected birthday present.
Thank you for the sweet gelatoooo.
Thank you for the yummy croissant.
Thank you for celebrating my birthday with ta-mie. Looks like a chinesse, eh?

April 17, 2012    12:01 WITA    (8,2 meters)
Wonderful Agung Mt. right behind the hotel
Schooling jack fish at Tulamben

Ready to see Neptune!
Set the dive equipment
I'd love to write anything underwater

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Life is simple, but itsn't easy to play simple!

There's a time when a simple question doesn't mean a simple answer. Sometimes it requires you a complicated feeling between memories and emotional..

Let me starts this post with a short story :
Nazua living in a broken home family since she was 3 years old. She lives with her mother. Even though her father already had a 'new family', luckily, Nazua has a good relationship with her father. But good relationship doesn't change her father's status. Her father still a head of another households. Shortly in a moment, her mother introduced her to her mother's boy friend. And then, after getting used with her mother's boy friend in about six years, someone ask her a simple question, "Who is the one you love, your daddy (she called her mother's boy friend with Daddy) or your father?". She answered, "Daddy". Then, she cried.
Literally, it's just a simple question. But, in another side, it's a horrible situation. Nazua never thought that she'd get punch with that question. Question which brings what she haven't be realized before. And when she answered that question, there came a point that makes her feel deep disappointed. It's because she knew something eventually, something that pains her, something that finds a fact that her father should do what her Daddy did, but her father could not.

And well, that's life. There're much unpredictable ways that will lead you to a fact without lies. What you have to do is appreciate it and be welcome. Everything happens for a reason, isn't it? So, let it be the way it be. Happy life! Happy peaceful Easter!

Photo's source: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/About/General/2011/8/15/1313419837963/rubiks-cube-in-a-players--006.jpg

Monday, April 02, 2012

Hug me, Neptune!

It begins with a fiction titled Perahu Kertas by Dewi Lestari. A fiction that successfully makes me adoring the sea. I never thought that I'd get crush on my own frightened. Sea? That deep? Fish? Gosh, this's unbelievable impact that never I expected after reading a fiction. And now the weird thing is, I enjoyed the impact. What  a great feeling that brought me outside my border!

Every single thing in my life is happened based on something uncharted. And as a greeting to one of new things in my life, I'd like to put some sentences that-could-be-marked as a reason why I did this...
When am afraid, I ought to not stay there and wasting my time wondering about what was there, around my frightened. Face it is the great way to prove that it's not as bad as I thought before! -@thaaaaar
See the bubbles! See them disappear! There's nothing can beat the way you realize that you're still alive among your problems. Kindly to try this unique thing, folks! -@thaaaaar
Everyday, every second am breathing. It's just a small activity since it becomes a habit as human. But, when am under water, it's a big thing, I'll die if I didn't put on my regulator to help me breathing. So, for me, everytime I do diving, I learn to appreciate a small thing which vulnerable to be forgotten. -@thaaaaar
One thing that made me fall for Kugy's frenzy is the way she talked to Neptune. She wrote a memo on a paper, folding the paper into a paper boat, then let the paper boat drifted to follow the water stream. She believes that every water stream will be end to the sea. So, even though Kugy was just a character in a fiction book, I know how to meet her easily. Yes, diving! Meet all her thoughts directly! -@thaaaaar
The most desolate place on earth is under water. The place where you only hear the bubbles burst. The place that brings you into a small world for a while: you and your breath. -@thaaaaar

 Anyway, thank you Kugy for letting me drowning in Neptune's home. Much happy!