Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home is ...

It's always fascinating when people make any definition about home. Some describe it as a place where love flourished, another call it as the only way that always waiting them to be back. Sounds like a comfort zone, eh? No, it isn't.

Don't you remember when you leave your parents? How it feels? Not good, indeed. But you had to. You need to grow up, and there's no growth if you keep being fed all the time. So, even your parents, the one that introduce you what home is, doesn't offer you a comfort zone. They just prepare you in purpose to allow you to earn a lesson, even though you must get down first.

Just like when you found your home in someone, don't you have to fight for making he stay? You learned how to listen, to understand, to care. And it's not that easy, since selfish was a part of human. But, well, it is the way home works. Home doesn't promise you a full shelter when raining, you can still get wet by the rain splashing that came from the window, but by the same window, you can also get amazed by the rainbow that seen after the rain.
And then, how about saying thank you after all?

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Make it worthwhile!

When young girl told me, "We just live once, so let's have fun and do what we wanna do!". I gave my sweetest smile to her and back home. In front of the mirror in my room, I told my self, "Yep, I just live once, therefore I'll make it enough once, so I don't have to ask God for giving me any opportunity to live twice". I don't want to have fun all the time, or drowning in my suffering too long. I want to make anything worth to be passed. And if someday, I back through those paths, I have so much memories to be collected, and gratitude to be said. Because for me, life is about appreciate what been done, even though I have to laugh in the morning and crying when sun goes down. I still appreciate it.