Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Puffer Fish!

I'm in love with puffer fish at the first dive. I wish I could bring one of them to my world: land. Then, I will buy an aquarium, fill it in with the sea water, and design it with some corals or anything to make it looks like the real sea. I think he would be happy. Or actually me who feels happy?

All that I knew about falling in love is making the one I love stay close to me. But, sometime, it makes one of us suffer. Just like my puffer fish. I'm not going to make him happy with any imitation things, but I also have limited air in my tank to stay longer with  him down there. We just different. Land and sea. Maybe we're not going to be happy if we live in our own place, you in the water and am on the land, but it's just the best way to stay well, at least to breath without any tool.

I wish I could sing, "I'm not moving...". But, I have to move some inchs, so if one time you back to the place we met, I could see your back, the only part that I knew I could owned. I miss you!