Sunday, October 21, 2012

God's will

I personally don't believe in fate. If you asked me, "how about God's will?", I'll answer "so-so.". In a side, I believe in God, but in another side also I often asked Him why. But, He prove it in sweetest way that never I expected before. At the end, it delivers a wholehearted gratitude. Because of His will. Because of him.

We're not looking back

Thanks a bunch for your good morning in every morning, faithfull till I realized, warm hug everytime I need it or (I thought) not, patience, humble heart. (August, 20 2012 - October, 20 2012)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

You had me at "Good Morning"

"Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, "You owe me!". Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky." -حافظ

It's 7.15 a.m and I supposed to be on my bed, under my blanket. With no exicitement I stepped out from the bus and got 'good morning' just like last two days, a small talk indeed. I didn't care, not even replied like I care. Spontaneously I said, good morning, without any effort to look at his face. (March, 10 2012)

So, that was the beginning of our unbelieve-a-buble story ...

Let say, I have no enough time for sleeping last night, and I forced to wake up on early morning. When the sun shines too bright, I choose to narrowed my eyes. I feel like I don't want to get bother by its bright. Come on! Everyone knows it's already morning, no need to be excessive, it doesn't help anything. Anything. Yep, anything.

I wish that big sun knew that I lost some sleeps last night, I hope its bright could be more cooperative. When I look for a shelter, and I got it, the sun still shining outside. Sounds like waiting for me. "I haven't prepared.", what a common reason I made eventually. But, the sun still waiting. Waiting for me to be ready.

"At times I understand you and I know how hard you've triedAt times I've watch while love commands you and I've watched love pass you by. At times I think we're drifters, still searching for a friend. A brother or a sister but then the passion flares again..."

Officially falling for your good-morning everyday!

Friday, October 12, 2012

All you have to do is jump!

Sometimes, if you aren't sure about something, you have to just jump off the bridge and grow wings on your way down. -Danielle Steel

Giant stride. Never thought that it'd be creepy than back-roll-entry. At the first time he asked me to not look down, I thought, how can? I'm on my way to jump, then you warned me to not look in to where will me landed? Crazy. But, I had no choice eventually. He's divemaster and I'm just advanced-open-water. In the end, I did it. And I were okay. Thank's God!

So, here came a point after I did it. Jump! Jump! Just jump! And you'll be okay. Don't waste your time for comparing. Where will you be landed, what will you get, how if something bad happen, or anything else. Stop your mind for seeking any reason which is hindering your final step to jump. Because your considerations never make a valid conclusion. You do it by your self, then you'll get an answer as a reward. All you have to do is jump!

P.S. Thank you for giving me opportunity to do my first giant stride in Menjangan. You made my day! I love you.