Saturday, December 28, 2013

Totally 'dig in' but ...

Nailed it. If a blogger seemed out of reach, doesn't mean she runs out the thoughts, otherwise she fulfilled too much thoughts to let it out. Overwhelming.

And here I was eventually.
I have been preparing for my life on 2014. I forgot where I stand, until then I said, "What the hell I did on 2013?" when realized it's almost 2014. Time flies without doing anything counts.
I wish I could enjoy my present. That's what people always suggest, right? But, turned out, that was too difficult to be done. Uncertainty circumstances, currency changes over time, getting ready to let down, anything, anything called worries. Ya, I was totally 'dig in' with these changes.
But, last night I watched a movie titled The Internship. I entirely hooked up with my heart when he said, "It scares you because it is new."
Anyway, Merry Christmas, peeps!

Monday, October 21, 2013


You don't have to love the one who loves you. Dare yourself to love the one who looks fall for you, because guessing all the time would make your heartbeat go slightly fast. Therefore, you're alive!
Yea, maybe, it would be more comfortable being around with the one who loves you, but 'being feeding' all the time makes you weak. And who is like to be weak? So, dare yourself, then.

Excitement popped out during your single time when you're keep guessing what this new path would bring. So, say hello to these silly time! They said, it's gonna be fun.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

There is a thing that invaluable.

People tend to be someone who acts like they knew everything. Irritating, isn't it?
One day, I watched a film titled "Indecent Proposal". The film is about a couple who didn't get any clue how to pricing what they already had, until then they know how priceless it was after someone offered them an amount of money. That was classic, I obviously knew.

But, here's the best part of the film: related to the real life.
It is a big secret that everyone had no idea how to value what they already had. Me too. And, if I didn't know how to value my own, why should I do that to someone's? Do I step in his/her shoes?
Some people ever said on twitter, "Why do people protect their twitter account, is it nuclear code that they wrote on their timeline?"
Can I say, "Why do people buy a saving-box, is it 25 grams of gold they put inside?"

Gold, ya you could value 25 grams of gold in dollars. But, thoughts, could you?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

You just forgot how to be kids. (inspired by Despicable Me 2)

Me : Unexpected.
He : Sorry?
Me : Ya, they just showed off the funny part of those minions. Nothing else.
He : For me, it gave a point, a story.
Me : What story? Getting able to fight for the peace of the world by that fuckin easy way? What kind of hero is Gru? Everything seemed too ... you know, suddenly the professor helped them, the minions be back on the track quickly. Gotta say, that's too easy for a hero story.
He : Classic adult.
Me : Sorry?
He : You set your mind that complicated in order to win a happiness. A-ah, kids didn't do that.
Me : ...

"Blessed them who had a simple standard in order to be happy"

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lovely beach near Padang Bai (Small beach)

About five days ago, someone dropped me a message. He said, "I just read your blog titled Virgin Beach, Bali Best Hidden Beach! and now I am wondering how if you visited Small beach in Padang Bai, it must be heaven, eh?".

Smooth white sand!

So, that's all begin.
Small beach (or Pantai Kecil), also known as Bias Tugal beach is located in Padang Bai, approximately one and half hours from Kuta. This beach is not only famous for its hidden location, but also for its white sand. To get to the beach, you need to climb down the dirt path, sometimes few rocks also. But over all, it was a nice path, like you're going to find little treasure down there. Once I stepped on the sand, yep I can't lie, it feels so smooth. Anyway, I did snorkeling there and I met banner fish. Interesting!

How to get there?
  1. You can rent a motorcycle or a car by your self because the route is pretty easy. If you're travelling from southern Bali (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Legian, etc) here is the route: Bypass Ngurah Rai - Sanur - Goa Lawah - Padang Bai - Small beach.
  2. After going through Goa Lawah, you'll find an intersection. Before that, try to read the direction pole (I'll upload the direction pole's picture).
  3. Turn to the right.
  4. Follow the street until the gate of the harbour (I'll upload the picture also).
  5. Turn to the right.
  6. Follow the street, don't enter any dirt part. Keep running uphill.
  7. You'll find the end of the street, and you have to park your vehicle there, and continue the way by walking.
  8. Down the strairs until you meet the dirt path.
  9. Follow the dirt path carefully.
  10. Welcome to the beach!
The direction pole before intersection.

The intersection after the direction pole. Turn to the right!
The gate of the harbour. Turn to the right!
Remember: don't enter any dirt path,
and keep running uphill until you meet this (the end of the street).
Down the stairs.
The end of the stairs, then turn to the left and enter the dirt path.
Follow the dirt path then welcome to the beach!
Cost incurred :
  • 70K for rent a motorcycle per day
  • 30K for petrol (Kuta - beach - Kuta)
  • 4K for shower
  • 15K for coconut drink

For your information :
  • The waves is quite big, particularly when the ferry has just passed.
  • If you can't swim, I guess don't go outside the shoreline, because the sandy area just for several meters from it.
  • Actually, if you overseas to Lombok by ferry from Padang Bai harbour, you can catch a glimpse of the beach.
  • There are reef at the right side of the beach, worth exploring!
  • Tbh, if I need to choose between this beach or Perasi beach, I will choose Perasi beach.

The reef

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Look straight to the front, could you?

Actually, it feels a bit messy when I'm about to write this post. Well, I ever wrote a post titled All you have to do is jump! when I thought I got what behind the words. But apparently, I didn't think too deep at that moment.

Last day, I involved in a chitchat with my friend. We talked about giant stride entry. Ya, you know, I had a big problem when I hear my divemaster said "look straight to the front!" before do the giant stride entry. Obviously, I still sit on my first argument, just like the linked post above. Then here me arrive, ready with the  expected question: HOW COME?

I need you to know that 'how come?' came up after I automatcally thinking about something which works in common. When someone asked you to fall down, what would you do? Sure, look to the place where you'll be landed. But, if he doesn't allow you to see it, what would you reply? Yes, HOW COME?

For the first time, 'how come?' could be accepted. Then I tried to think again, it drives me to 'just jump quotes'. Far away after that, when last day I hear my friend said, "Remember, look straight to the front", I landed here: Purpose.

Have you ever buy a promo ticket to your most awaited destination (in this case, the ticket to the destination quite expensive if there's no promo)? So, what would you do after paying the ticket? Feel dizzy by thinking about the cost that you'll incurred for the hotel, the guide, the meal? Then you're never own the purpose. Be easy and believe that everything would be cooperate in order to realise your purpose.

People said that every journey begins with the first step, and there you are! So, please your self to happy due to your first step instead feel dizzy. Because, the point of the first step is 'what is next?'. So I told you, keep looking to the front, to the purpose!

Enjoy Pindul Cave!

The end of the cave
Pindul cave is located in Wonosari, one and half hours from Yogyakarta. This is not an artificial cave. Pindul cave is built naturally by the weathering of rock. It delivers me an amazing feeling when I was in, it is like I feel so close to the wild life. In the cave, you can own the beautiful silence, see the stalagmites, the stalagtites, the gap, and of course meet the bat. One of my favorite part of this vacation is listening to the guide's explanation about this cave. Historical!

Gorgeous gap in the cave

How to get there?
  1. You can rent a motorcylce or a car by your self because the route is pretty easy. If you're travelling from Yogyakarta, here is the route: Ahmad Yani RD (Yogyakarta) - Pathuk RD (you'll pass Bukit Bintang or Stars Hill) - follow the direction pole to the town of Wonosari (written: Wonosari Kota).
  2. You'll find an intersection with a fountain at its middle. There is a board that written BANK BPD at the middle of the fountain.
  3. Turn the left and follow the street.
  4. After turning right, you'll meet villager around the street. Most of them look like a man who is parking their motorcycle next to him. When you asked the direction to Pindul cave, he will give you the direction by following him. He is riding in front of you and you are following him from the back. Easy, you'll not pay for this because Pindul cave's staff will pay him. Yep, this is such a unique way how Pindul cave build a good relation with the village, Pindul cave got a guest and the villager earn some money.
  5. Welcome to Pindul cave!

Cost incurred :
  • IDR 60K for rent a motorcycle a day
  • IDR 40K for petrol (Yogyakarta - Pindul cave - Yogyakarta)
  • IDR 35K for cave tubing or IDR 45K for river tubing or IDR 60K for caving (life jacket, tube, and guide are included)
  • Free wedang jahe (Indonesian ginger tea)

For your information :
  • It will quite crowded on weekend. So, if you want to go there on weekend, make sure you'll arrive there at noon, ya at least around 11 am. The Pindul cave close at 4 pm.
  • You'll not get wet while doing cave tubing (unless you want to swim in some allowed spots), so you still can bring and use your digital camera without waterproof case.
  • The different between cave tubing and river tubing is about the current. Arguably there's no current during cave tubing.
  • During doing cave tubing or river tubing, the guide will floating without a tube and pull your tube (you'll pull your friend's tube also).
  • Enjoy the guide's explanation while the he told you about the cave. It's informative!
  • Anyway, here's the phone number of one of motorcylce rent in Yogyakarta: (+62) 856 431 07277. The name of the rental is Resmile Rent.
On the way back home from Pindul cave, I visited Bukit Bintang

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Virgin Beach, Bali Best Hidden Beach!

Virgin beach (also known as 'Pantai Pasir Putih' by localite) is located in Perasi village, Karangasem, two hours from Kuta, Bali. This beautiful beach was one of some beaches which rarely to be explored by tourist in Bali. The beach were in between two cliff and has white sand. I personally fall in love with the underwater visibility during snorkeling, I guess it's about ten meters. The water was so crystal clear! Too bad, I didn't bring my underwater camera, and these photos was taken by phone camera too so I can't tell you much.
Anyway, try to search the picture from Google, maybe someone posted the beach view which taken by their SLR. But, if you asked me whether this beach worth or not? I'll say, MORE THAN WORTH!!

Virgin Beach
Crystal clear, isn't?

How to get there?
  1. You can rent a bike or car by your self because the route is pretty easy. If you are travelling from southern Bali (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Legian, etc) here's the route: Bypass Ngurah Rai - Sanur - Goa Lawah - Padang Bai (just pass the intersection) - Candidasa - Virgin Beach (also known as White Sand Beach by localite).
  2. When I went there for the first time, I used my GPS. It worked out 'till I arrived in Candidasa but I got a little problem when I need to find the alley. Luckyly I met some Balinese who could speak Bahasa well. I don't want you get lost, so I'll give you some 'clues' to find the alley.
  • Actually, there's a nameplate written "WHITE SAND" close to the alley. But, unfortunately, it covered by tree, so it's a little bit difficult to recognise it. I'll upload the photo of the nameplate for you then.
  • You will take approximately 30 minutes by bike (7 km) from Candidasa to the alley.
  • The alley is located at the right side of the road, not far from the health centre (also known as 'puskesmas' by localite).
  • Right after you found the alley, turn right, then follow the street. The street is not really good, arguably broken. You'll pass broken asphalt for about ten minutes until you met a place where the retribution staff stands, then the rest are dirt path 'till the beach.
  • Be carefull during riding because there are some holes along the dirt path.
  • Welcome to the beach!
The nameplate (clue for the alley)

The retribution place (up)
The dirt path (down)

The beach park

Cost incurred :
  • IDR 70K for rent a bike per day
  • IDR 40K for petrol (Kuta - beach - Kuta)
  • IDR 4K for beach entry (pay at the retribution place which I mentioned before)
  • IDR 30K for rent two sunbathing chair
  • IDR 25K for rent the snorkle set (worth a rent! the snorekeling spot is pretty good)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 11, 2005.

I remember one time. When he was crying, Mom said, "Look, your little brother is crying, go coax him, don't you feel pity to see him crying?". You know what I did after? I took a small pillow and covered his face to muffled that annoying noise.

Yep, I don't like him. For me, his presence brings much pain to my mom. And, I was too suffer to see every tears that felt down on my mom's cheek. I couldn't stand for that.

But, actualy, it doesn't last too long. It stoped when I, my self, heard what the doctor said. He was diagnosed had a lifetime illness. He can't be tired, even for just sweating. How dare God let a human, my little brother, living a life without sweating? Do He expect my little brother to just lay down? I keep asking Him. Tons of why why and why.

A halway in a night, after dealing with any tears for several days, I realize one thing. Who will save him unless me, his sissy? Who will understand him unless me?
Turned out, this is what God means, forgiving.

Mas Doni - Gooden - Daddy

Gooden, sayang. Maybe I'd be never have a time for you since we got the distance between, but I need you to know that you're always be in my pray. Keep standing, okay? One day, I'll give one of my kidneys for you. Happy birthday, dearest little bro. I miss you! Jesus bless ya.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Human being.

It's funny when people keep saying "stop pretending" while in a time ahead they would grumbling "your Facebook status really annoys me!".

Because nowadays, people would be more proud if they could hide their problem perfectly. And, when they saw people who able to express their self above their problems, this man would say, "you ruined my day". So, I am wondering, who is sick between us? Me who reacted above my problem or you who blame others above your bad day?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just because ... doesn't mean ...

Everything was so simple when I was there, next to you, Mom.

I feel the strong relation between those two coordinating conjunction. Even stronger than 'because' sometimes.
The only thing that landed in my mind was 'why?'.

...things get hard here and I just can't give up.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kartini-kartini Tulamben

“Ini bukan sirkus. Ini realita ketika konseptualisasi diri nggak pakai embel-embel jenis kelamin.”
Untuk kesekian kalinya gue memilih Tulamben sebagai destinasi penyelaman gue. Nggak tahu apakah ini yang kelima, keenam, ketujuh, atau kedelapan. Buat gue, digit nggak pernah jadi pertimbangan yang berpengaruh ketika nama Tulamben udah nyaplok di otak gue. Hangat udaranya, ombak tenangnya, batu-batu pantainya, isi lautnya, dan yang pasti... porter perempuannya.

Mungkin kebanyakan penyelam akan bercerita tentang schooling jack fish, baracuda, bumphead, atau biota laut lainnya sepulang dari Tulamben. Tapi, gue bisa pastikan kalau gue bukan satu di antara mereka. Buat gue, ada partisi yang lebih besar, yang memberi kesan tersendiri terhadap Tulamben. Bukan, bukan karena gue bisa datang-nyebur-pulang tanpa perlu ngegotong dive gear dari parkiran hingga pinggir pantai. Lebih dari itu, ini karena kehadiran porter-porter perempuan Tulamben yang nggak sekedar eksis dalam dunia angkut-mengakut, namun juga jaga-menjaga. Perhatikan, sekelebat mereka memang hadir sebagai porter, namun lamat-lamat ternyata bukan hanya dive gear yang mereka angkut, botol plastik pun diburu. Makanya, nggak heran kalau batu-batu pantai Desa Tirta di utara Pulau Bali ini nggak berseling dengan sampah pabrik.

Selain membawa dive gear,
mereka juga mengumpulkan sampah plastik.
Masih segar banget di ingatan gue. Kali pertama gue ke Tulamben, gue memang wah banget dengan fenomena yang satu ini. Lo banyangin, perempuan sebaya gue ngangkat satu tabung di kepalanya, dan dua scuba set di kiri dan kanannya. Saking wahnya, gue sampai ngikutin doi mulai dari area parkir hingga pinggir pantai. Di sepanjang jalan, gue sesekali pasang kuda-kuda, ya mana tau aja doi nggak kuat dan harus emergency landing (maksud gue, ngeletakin tabung atau scuba set-nya tiba-tiba gitu loh). Tapi emang dasar gue yang lebay, doi dengan santainya jalan berasa nyokap yang lagi nenteng keranjang isi tomat sekilo.

Terlihat asing? Pasti. Seumur-umur, gue belum pernah disuguhi pemandangan se-bikin-ngangak ini. Sempat gue menghitung-hitung jumlah berat beban yang mereka panggul, berharap menemui satu alasan yang relevan bagi seorang perempuan untuk memilih profesi sebagai porter. Tabung saja bisa 15 kilo, BCD dan teman-temannya mungkin 10 kilo. Total 25 kilo sejauh 150 meter. Fixed, ini ngelebih-lebihin Popeye!

Well, kebutuhan hidup memang menjadi alasan dasar mengapa perempuan-perempuan ini memilih menjadi porter. Namun, alasan tersebut nggak serta-merta ditanggapi dengan gegabah oleh anggota masyarakat pesisir setempat. Porter-porter perempuan ini kemudian dihimpun menjadi sebuah organisasi mandiri yang dikepalai oleh seorang koordinator. Nah, kalau lo pernah mendatangi loket pembayaran di sudut area parkir Tulamben, lo akan tahu bahwa selain retribusi Pemerinah Daerah (PemDa), ada juga biaya untuk jasa porter, yakni sebesar IDR 9.000 per tamu. Bedanya, retribusi PemDa dikelola oleh petugas dari PemDa, sedangkan biaya untuk jasa porter dikelola oleh koordinator organisasi porter yang tadi gue sebutin.

Loket pembayaran retribusi dan jasa porter Tulamben
Akumulasi pemasukan yang diterima oleh koordinator organisasi porter ini kemudian akan dibagi rata ketika para porter ini selesai bekerja, yaitu pada pukul enam sore waktu Tulamben (waktu Bali juga, sih, ya hehe). Setelah pukul enam sore, porter perempuan akan digantikan oleh porter laki-laki. Sistem ini diatur sedemikian rupa agar keselamatan porter perempuan tetap terjaga. “Boleh jadi porter tapi juga tetap harus dibina”, begitu kata sang koordinator.

Jujur, fakta lapangan di atas udah gue duga sebelumnya. Sedari awal, porter-porter perempuan ini memang nggak terkesan sama dengan pemungut liar di bilangan objek wisata lain. Mereka nggak pakai istilah muka melas atau berlaku sok heroik demi meraup tips tambahan. Yang mereka lakukan nggak pernah lebih dari definisi porter secara literally. Angkut, panggul dan letakkan. Sebatas itu. Sesimpel itu. Namun, se-ngebantu ini.

Pernah sekali waktu, ketika gue sedang menunggu surface interval. Gue yang bingung karena nggak ada kerjaan ini akhirnya mengeluarkan sebuah buku panduan wisata seputar dive site di Bali yang gue comot dari hotel. Niat nggak niat gue ngebolak-balik lembar demi lembarnya, sampai akhirnya gue menemui sebuah artikel yang memajang foto porter-porter perempuan dengan latar belakang pantai Tulamben. Judul artikelnya “Are You Man Enough to Let A Girl Carry Your Scuba Gear?”.

Girls can do man's job!
Gue nggak punya alasan untuk terkesima. Ya... bisa dibilang, gue biasa aja. Tapi, ketika gue dengan reaksi yang biasa aja ini sedang membaca artikel tersebut, tiba-tiba seorang porter menunjuk ke arah foto artikel yang terpampang di depan gue. Dengan logat Bali yang kental gadis itu berteriak, “Ehhh cai ne, cai!”. Sontak gue melihat muka si gadis dan berkata, “Kamu yang mana di sini?”. Nggak sampai semenit, gue udah dikerubungi enam porter yang juga ingin melihat foto yang sama. Seorang porter di sebelah kanan gue berceletuk, “Ne cai waktu masih SD ne!”. Dalam hati, gue tersenyum.

Hal tersebut nggak jauh berbeda ketika di sebuah siang gue sedang menyantap baqquete di restauran hotel yang berada di pinggir pantai. Tiga meter dari tempat dimana gue duduk, seorang Bule bersama guide-nya sedang mempersiapkan scuba gear mereka. Ketika porter perempuan datang untuk mengangkut scuba gear mereka, tiba-tiba si guide berkata, “Have you ever seen strong-girl like this outside Tulamben?”. Tak butuh semenit untuk mendapatkan jawaban yang maha banget menurut gue. Si Bule berkata, “Not yet. But I guess she’s not different with any girl outside Tulamben, she is just proved that she also could do this man’s job.”. Lagi-lagi, gue tersenyum dalam hati.

Kartini-kartini Tulamben
Satu hal kenapa gue selalu tersenyum dalam hati ketika mendengar cerita tentang porter-porter perempuan di Tulamben adalah karena reaksi orang-orang di sekitarnya. Nggak ada yang menganggap hal tersebut istimewa. Lebih dari pada itu, mereka justru mengapresiasinya dengan cara yang amat baik. Pelan-pelan, mereka melebur fenomena tersebut menjadi sebuah budaya. Membiarkannya hidup berbarengan dengan pemahaman bahwa konseptualisasi diri nggak butuh penggolongan atas nama jenis kelamin. Sepanjang mereka mampu mencipta sintesis atas perbedaan yang ada, selama itu pula mereka akan hidup berdampingan untuk menjaga kelangsungan sintesis tersebut.

Sesuatu mengubah cara pandang gue ketika mengetahui bahwa mereka bukan porter-porter perempuan biasa. Bukan perkara seberat apa yang mereka pikul, bukan juga perkara atas alasan apa mereka menjadi porter. Ini perkara apa yang ditawarkan anggota masyarakat pesisir setempat demi mengakomodir pertumbuhan ekonomi sekaligus kelestarian alam mereka. Ini perkara kearifan lokal yang arifnya jauh ngelebihin orang kota seperti gue. Kita yang selalu punya argumen mengenai persamaan gender, kita yang merasa aware dengan isu tersebut, namun mirisnya, kita yang malah diajari oleh mereka.

Sekali lagi, ada yang menarik, ada yang secara nggak langsung mencibir pertanyaan seputar persamaan gender. Kalau para lelaki masih bisa bertanya, “Ya perempuan bisa sekolah tinggi-tinggi, bisa kerja di konstruksi, tapi perempuan bisa nggak benerin atap bocor di genteng?”. Gue saranin lo ke Tulamben dan lo liat kalau kaum gue bisa ngelakuin hal yang selama ini identik dengan kekuatan kaum laki-laki. Hidup Kartini-kartini Tulamben!

Foto dalam artikel ini merupakan hasil karya penulis

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sort of Carl & Ellie

Sometimes I'm wondering which one between us who will write a note like this?
The more I remember that you've got your first word to say hello on the first time we met, the more I afraid of losing you.

Dealing with laparoscopy!

Literally, completely, and absolutely not funny!
I should deal with kind of 'first time' thingy a week after I posted a thought titled There is always a first time for everything (2012). Well played, time!

Skip my heartbeat everytime I see those words

Monday, February 25, 2013

The power of memories

Someone asked me, "Do you still love him?".
Well, this isn't such a difficult question actually. I used to be fooled with math question, but seriously, I never thought that I couldn't answer this cheesy question by my self.
And apparently, it's not just move along. It's forced me to think a little bit deeper. Sigh.

I tried to ignore it. I even had no effort to search the answer. Until then, I'm getting involved in a night chat with my boyfriend. In accidentally, we're talking about composer, because I just downloaded a background music from one of my favorite movies. I asked him, "I am wondering how he (the composer) could make this wonderful background music?". Then my boyfriend said, "Did you know that the Beethoven best music was made when he became deaf?". Totally not an expected answer. But, I just realised. My boyfriend has been answer my thought. I got more than what I asked.

Yep. The power of memories. Nothing beats that. The only thing you can do is enjoy it, as long as it's available. Because there's no immortal things in this world. You'll meet new people, make new stories, and live your new life ahead.

Anyway, my boyfriend's presence always be an answer for my thoughts. Thank you, my white crayon. Happy working! (I bet you're stalking my blog right now, go switch the site, honey and back to work. I miss you emwaaahh)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do judging, then what?

I'm not God, not even close to. That's why I never try to give punishment. And I think, I'll never worth for that function as human.

God gives me ability to rate anything. That's why I never got  problem with judgement. Everyone has right for that. You, me, she, my parents, your parents. Everyone. But, give a judgement doesn't mean give a punishment. Because do judging never more than an opinion.

When you judge someone, she or he always has an opportunity to do any defense. If you see that she or he could do it well, than your judgement was just moan. But, if she or he couldn't prove that, then your judgement doesn't automatically valid, because everything that doesn't work on you, never mean so with the other. So, be great, Kid! Do judging doesn't change anything. Know someone, don't judge, if she or he doesn't click with you, go find another. Don't waste your time.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

We are half water

"Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand in to it, all you feel is caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always go where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand againts it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can't go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does."   -The Penelopiad
Now, I got it!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

There is always a first time for everything (2012)

Got my PADI Open Water License (you're cute, Masatoshi Esumi)

Met my lovely fish. I love you!

Celebrated my birthday underwater. Also was my first mid-night dive!

Fall in love with Nonem

Went to Lodtunduh for my healing trip

Got my PADI Advance Open Water License

Met Koh Wandi, my boyfriend's twinnie

Such a fool video. Guess I was too nervous due to the Sharks!

Giant stride entry from private jetty

Morning dive at Tulamben

Kissing underwater (night dive)

51,5 meters below Drop Off. Also was my first time for narcosis :(

Too special to touch up this photo with any caption. Hello, 2013!

Buat yang tersayang

"Buat yang nggak pernah meminta aku untuk memilih, yang selalu terima aku apa adanya, yang nggak pernah nyerah untuk menawarkan kasih sayangnya ke aku. Terima kasih ya untuk hadiah Natalnya. Kamu selalu ngerti gimana caranya bikin aku ngerasa istimewa."