Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sort of Carl & Ellie

Sometimes I'm wondering which one between us who will write a note like this?
The more I remember that you've got your first word to say hello on the first time we met, the more I afraid of losing you.

Dealing with laparoscopy!

Literally, completely, and absolutely not funny!
I should deal with kind of 'first time' thingy a week after I posted a thought titled There is always a first time for everything (2012). Well played, time!

Skip my heartbeat everytime I see those words

Monday, February 25, 2013

The power of memories

Someone asked me, "Do you still love him?".
Well, this isn't such a difficult question actually. I used to be fooled with math question, but seriously, I never thought that I couldn't answer this cheesy question by my self.
And apparently, it's not just move along. It's forced me to think a little bit deeper. Sigh.

I tried to ignore it. I even had no effort to search the answer. Until then, I'm getting involved in a night chat with my boyfriend. In accidentally, we're talking about composer, because I just downloaded a background music from one of my favorite movies. I asked him, "I am wondering how he (the composer) could make this wonderful background music?". Then my boyfriend said, "Did you know that the Beethoven best music was made when he became deaf?". Totally not an expected answer. But, I just realised. My boyfriend has been answer my thought. I got more than what I asked.

Yep. The power of memories. Nothing beats that. The only thing you can do is enjoy it, as long as it's available. Because there's no immortal things in this world. You'll meet new people, make new stories, and live your new life ahead.

Anyway, my boyfriend's presence always be an answer for my thoughts. Thank you, my white crayon. Happy working! (I bet you're stalking my blog right now, go switch the site, honey and back to work. I miss you emwaaahh)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do judging, then what?

I'm not God, not even close to. That's why I never try to give punishment. And I think, I'll never worth for that function as human.

God gives me ability to rate anything. That's why I never got  problem with judgement. Everyone has right for that. You, me, she, my parents, your parents. Everyone. But, give a judgement doesn't mean give a punishment. Because do judging never more than an opinion.

When you judge someone, she or he always has an opportunity to do any defense. If you see that she or he could do it well, than your judgement was just moan. But, if she or he couldn't prove that, then your judgement doesn't automatically valid, because everything that doesn't work on you, never mean so with the other. So, be great, Kid! Do judging doesn't change anything. Know someone, don't judge, if she or he doesn't click with you, go find another. Don't waste your time.