Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Virgin Beach, Bali Best Hidden Beach!

Virgin beach (also known as 'Pantai Pasir Putih' by localite) is located in Perasi village, Karangasem, two hours from Kuta, Bali. This beautiful beach was one of some beaches which rarely to be explored by tourist in Bali. The beach were in between two cliff and has white sand. I personally fall in love with the underwater visibility during snorkeling, I guess it's about ten meters. The water was so crystal clear! Too bad, I didn't bring my underwater camera, and these photos was taken by phone camera too so I can't tell you much.
Anyway, try to search the picture from Google, maybe someone posted the beach view which taken by their SLR. But, if you asked me whether this beach worth or not? I'll say, MORE THAN WORTH!!

Virgin Beach
Crystal clear, isn't?

How to get there?
  1. You can rent a bike or car by your self because the route is pretty easy. If you are travelling from southern Bali (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Legian, etc) here's the route: Bypass Ngurah Rai - Sanur - Goa Lawah - Padang Bai (just pass the intersection) - Candidasa - Virgin Beach (also known as White Sand Beach by localite).
  2. When I went there for the first time, I used my GPS. It worked out 'till I arrived in Candidasa but I got a little problem when I need to find the alley. Luckyly I met some Balinese who could speak Bahasa well. I don't want you get lost, so I'll give you some 'clues' to find the alley.
  • Actually, there's a nameplate written "WHITE SAND" close to the alley. But, unfortunately, it covered by tree, so it's a little bit difficult to recognise it. I'll upload the photo of the nameplate for you then.
  • You will take approximately 30 minutes by bike (7 km) from Candidasa to the alley.
  • The alley is located at the right side of the road, not far from the health centre (also known as 'puskesmas' by localite).
  • Right after you found the alley, turn right, then follow the street. The street is not really good, arguably broken. You'll pass broken asphalt for about ten minutes until you met a place where the retribution staff stands, then the rest are dirt path 'till the beach.
  • Be carefull during riding because there are some holes along the dirt path.
  • Welcome to the beach!
The nameplate (clue for the alley)

The retribution place (up)
The dirt path (down)

The beach park

Cost incurred :
  • IDR 70K for rent a bike per day
  • IDR 40K for petrol (Kuta - beach - Kuta)
  • IDR 4K for beach entry (pay at the retribution place which I mentioned before)
  • IDR 30K for rent two sunbathing chair
  • IDR 25K for rent the snorkle set (worth a rent! the snorekeling spot is pretty good)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 11, 2005.

I remember one time. When he was crying, Mom said, "Look, your little brother is crying, go coax him, don't you feel pity to see him crying?". You know what I did after? I took a small pillow and covered his face to muffled that annoying noise.

Yep, I don't like him. For me, his presence brings much pain to my mom. And, I was too suffer to see every tears that felt down on my mom's cheek. I couldn't stand for that.

But, actualy, it doesn't last too long. It stoped when I, my self, heard what the doctor said. He was diagnosed had a lifetime illness. He can't be tired, even for just sweating. How dare God let a human, my little brother, living a life without sweating? Do He expect my little brother to just lay down? I keep asking Him. Tons of why why and why.

A halway in a night, after dealing with any tears for several days, I realize one thing. Who will save him unless me, his sissy? Who will understand him unless me?
Turned out, this is what God means, forgiving.

Mas Doni - Gooden - Daddy

Gooden, sayang. Maybe I'd be never have a time for you since we got the distance between, but I need you to know that you're always be in my pray. Keep standing, okay? One day, I'll give one of my kidneys for you. Happy birthday, dearest little bro. I miss you! Jesus bless ya.