Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lovely beach near Padang Bai (Small beach)

About five days ago, someone dropped me a message. He said, "I just read your blog titled Virgin Beach, Bali Best Hidden Beach! and now I am wondering how if you visited Small beach in Padang Bai, it must be heaven, eh?".

Smooth white sand!

So, that's all begin.
Small beach (or Pantai Kecil), also known as Bias Tugal beach is located in Padang Bai, approximately one and half hours from Kuta. This beach is not only famous for its hidden location, but also for its white sand. To get to the beach, you need to climb down the dirt path, sometimes few rocks also. But over all, it was a nice path, like you're going to find little treasure down there. Once I stepped on the sand, yep I can't lie, it feels so smooth. Anyway, I did snorkeling there and I met banner fish. Interesting!

How to get there?
  1. You can rent a motorcycle or a car by your self because the route is pretty easy. If you're travelling from southern Bali (Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Legian, etc) here is the route: Bypass Ngurah Rai - Sanur - Goa Lawah - Padang Bai - Small beach.
  2. After going through Goa Lawah, you'll find an intersection. Before that, try to read the direction pole (I'll upload the direction pole's picture).
  3. Turn to the right.
  4. Follow the street until the gate of the harbour (I'll upload the picture also).
  5. Turn to the right.
  6. Follow the street, don't enter any dirt part. Keep running uphill.
  7. You'll find the end of the street, and you have to park your vehicle there, and continue the way by walking.
  8. Down the strairs until you meet the dirt path.
  9. Follow the dirt path carefully.
  10. Welcome to the beach!
The direction pole before intersection.

The intersection after the direction pole. Turn to the right!
The gate of the harbour. Turn to the right!
Remember: don't enter any dirt path,
and keep running uphill until you meet this (the end of the street).
Down the stairs.
The end of the stairs, then turn to the left and enter the dirt path.
Follow the dirt path then welcome to the beach!
Cost incurred :
  • 70K for rent a motorcycle per day
  • 30K for petrol (Kuta - beach - Kuta)
  • 4K for shower
  • 15K for coconut drink

For your information :
  • The waves is quite big, particularly when the ferry has just passed.
  • If you can't swim, I guess don't go outside the shoreline, because the sandy area just for several meters from it.
  • Actually, if you overseas to Lombok by ferry from Padang Bai harbour, you can catch a glimpse of the beach.
  • There are reef at the right side of the beach, worth exploring!
  • Tbh, if I need to choose between this beach or Perasi beach, I will choose Perasi beach.

The reef

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Look straight to the front, could you?

Actually, it feels a bit messy when I'm about to write this post. Well, I ever wrote a post titled All you have to do is jump! when I thought I got what behind the words. But apparently, I didn't think too deep at that moment.

Last day, I involved in a chitchat with my friend. We talked about giant stride entry. Ya, you know, I had a big problem when I hear my divemaster said "look straight to the front!" before do the giant stride entry. Obviously, I still sit on my first argument, just like the linked post above. Then here me arrive, ready with the  expected question: HOW COME?

I need you to know that 'how come?' came up after I automatcally thinking about something which works in common. When someone asked you to fall down, what would you do? Sure, look to the place where you'll be landed. But, if he doesn't allow you to see it, what would you reply? Yes, HOW COME?

For the first time, 'how come?' could be accepted. Then I tried to think again, it drives me to 'just jump quotes'. Far away after that, when last day I hear my friend said, "Remember, look straight to the front", I landed here: Purpose.

Have you ever buy a promo ticket to your most awaited destination (in this case, the ticket to the destination quite expensive if there's no promo)? So, what would you do after paying the ticket? Feel dizzy by thinking about the cost that you'll incurred for the hotel, the guide, the meal? Then you're never own the purpose. Be easy and believe that everything would be cooperate in order to realise your purpose.

People said that every journey begins with the first step, and there you are! So, please your self to happy due to your first step instead feel dizzy. Because, the point of the first step is 'what is next?'. So I told you, keep looking to the front, to the purpose!

Enjoy Pindul Cave!

The end of the cave
Pindul cave is located in Wonosari, one and half hours from Yogyakarta. This is not an artificial cave. Pindul cave is built naturally by the weathering of rock. It delivers me an amazing feeling when I was in, it is like I feel so close to the wild life. In the cave, you can own the beautiful silence, see the stalagmites, the stalagtites, the gap, and of course meet the bat. One of my favorite part of this vacation is listening to the guide's explanation about this cave. Historical!

Gorgeous gap in the cave

How to get there?
  1. You can rent a motorcylce or a car by your self because the route is pretty easy. If you're travelling from Yogyakarta, here is the route: Ahmad Yani RD (Yogyakarta) - Pathuk RD (you'll pass Bukit Bintang or Stars Hill) - follow the direction pole to the town of Wonosari (written: Wonosari Kota).
  2. You'll find an intersection with a fountain at its middle. There is a board that written BANK BPD at the middle of the fountain.
  3. Turn the left and follow the street.
  4. After turning right, you'll meet villager around the street. Most of them look like a man who is parking their motorcycle next to him. When you asked the direction to Pindul cave, he will give you the direction by following him. He is riding in front of you and you are following him from the back. Easy, you'll not pay for this because Pindul cave's staff will pay him. Yep, this is such a unique way how Pindul cave build a good relation with the village, Pindul cave got a guest and the villager earn some money.
  5. Welcome to Pindul cave!

Cost incurred :
  • IDR 60K for rent a motorcycle a day
  • IDR 40K for petrol (Yogyakarta - Pindul cave - Yogyakarta)
  • IDR 35K for cave tubing or IDR 45K for river tubing or IDR 60K for caving (life jacket, tube, and guide are included)
  • Free wedang jahe (Indonesian ginger tea)

For your information :
  • It will quite crowded on weekend. So, if you want to go there on weekend, make sure you'll arrive there at noon, ya at least around 11 am. The Pindul cave close at 4 pm.
  • You'll not get wet while doing cave tubing (unless you want to swim in some allowed spots), so you still can bring and use your digital camera without waterproof case.
  • The different between cave tubing and river tubing is about the current. Arguably there's no current during cave tubing.
  • During doing cave tubing or river tubing, the guide will floating without a tube and pull your tube (you'll pull your friend's tube also).
  • Enjoy the guide's explanation while the he told you about the cave. It's informative!
  • Anyway, here's the phone number of one of motorcylce rent in Yogyakarta: (+62) 856 431 07277. The name of the rental is Resmile Rent.
On the way back home from Pindul cave, I visited Bukit Bintang