Sunday, July 28, 2013

You just forgot how to be kids. (inspired by Despicable Me 2)

Me : Unexpected.
He : Sorry?
Me : Ya, they just showed off the funny part of those minions. Nothing else.
He : For me, it gave a point, a story.
Me : What story? Getting able to fight for the peace of the world by that fuckin easy way? What kind of hero is Gru? Everything seemed too ... you know, suddenly the professor helped them, the minions be back on the track quickly. Gotta say, that's too easy for a hero story.
He : Classic adult.
Me : Sorry?
He : You set your mind that complicated in order to win a happiness. A-ah, kids didn't do that.
Me : ...

"Blessed them who had a simple standard in order to be happy"

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