Tuesday, August 06, 2013

There is a thing that invaluable.

People tend to be someone who acts like they knew everything. Irritating, isn't it?
One day, I watched a film titled "Indecent Proposal". The film is about a couple who didn't get any clue how to pricing what they already had, until then they know how priceless it was after someone offered them an amount of money. That was classic, I obviously knew.

But, here's the best part of the film: related to the real life.
It is a big secret that everyone had no idea how to value what they already had. Me too. And, if I didn't know how to value my own, why should I do that to someone's? Do I step in his/her shoes?
Some people ever said on twitter, "Why do people protect their twitter account, is it nuclear code that they wrote on their timeline?"
Can I say, "Why do people buy a saving-box, is it 25 grams of gold they put inside?"

Gold, ya you could value 25 grams of gold in dollars. But, thoughts, could you?