Saturday, December 28, 2013

Totally 'dig in' but ...

Nailed it. If a blogger seemed out of reach, doesn't mean she runs out the thoughts, otherwise she fulfilled too much thoughts to let it out. Overwhelming.

And here I was eventually.
I have been preparing for my life on 2014. I forgot where I stand, until then I said, "What the hell I did on 2013?" when realized it's almost 2014. Time flies without doing anything counts.
I wish I could enjoy my present. That's what people always suggest, right? But, turned out, that was too difficult to be done. Uncertainty circumstances, currency changes over time, getting ready to let down, anything, anything called worries. Ya, I was totally 'dig in' with these changes.
But, last night I watched a movie titled The Internship. I entirely hooked up with my heart when he said, "It scares you because it is new."
Anyway, Merry Christmas, peeps!