Friday, May 09, 2014

It lives in a simplicity way.

It must be difficult to believe in something you can't touch. Yet it is quite applicable.
But somehow, I completely distracted my mind when I was praying, I don't know where should I destined my words.

"Help me help you, dear my self" , my voice within.
And, crossed over the doubtfulness, I found it, way to admit His grace in something I can touch, something I can see, something easy to be ignored:

I've been simply forgiven by someone as he said it is okay right after my guilty feeling arises | I saw someone simply smiled at me when some people didn't even recognize my existence | I accepted by someone who simply told me it happens! after I ended up a mistake | I catch someone simply sent me a sign of you can do that! when I didn't know where to start | I feel fairly far from lonely thingy as someone lands me I feel you -message in the middle of bunch why's.

So, as I simply believe a presence of fairness in this cruel world by a straightforward care from one of many people around, as I intentionally pass it to others.

Thank you for letting me be balanced, for getting me excited with a sweet part of this life.

*) Maybe words which came from unexpected people tend to be a smalltalk, but sometime it takes me to a positive feeling.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moved To Bali Island

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and hope. -Jeremiah 29:11

It seems like this is the first time I put bible verse related to my life, presently.
Yep, I were an overthinking-person last one month. I questioned what I haven't seen to Him, The One who I believe without eyes. I felt like standing in the middle of an intersection, dying to decide.
Tried to put my trust on Him, keep believing and ... boom!! I got the job I dream. I moved to Bali. Just that easy.

I have none return ticket within my grasp. Hello, Bali.

Of course. I had the plans. A and B, I guess C as well. But, I never thought I'd landed at the office where I sent my application right after I gained my bachelor. It is literally two months ago, and they didn't even contact me. But, then, last week they sent me an email. The recruitment process just in two weeks, and it fairly enough made me utterly see, God has the bigger plans, even when the plans had been erased from my mind. He showed me what kind of circumstance would be if I chose to be faithful in Him.

Well, people could believe everything, maybe they put God at the first number, and horoscope at the second, but thing which happened in my life lately taught me that, God isn't the alternative way, not the first-to-second either. He is the only one.

Good bless me and you!