Friday, May 09, 2014

It lives in a simplicity way.

It must be difficult to believe in something you can't touch. Yet it is quite applicable.
But somehow, I completely distracted my mind when I was praying, I don't know where should I destined my words.

"Help me help you, dear my self" , my voice within.
And, crossed over the doubtfulness, I found it, way to admit His grace in something I can touch, something I can see, something easy to be ignored:

I've been simply forgiven by someone as he said it is okay right after my guilty feeling arises | I saw someone simply smiled at me when some people didn't even recognize my existence | I accepted by someone who simply told me it happens! after I ended up a mistake | I catch someone simply sent me a sign of you can do that! when I didn't know where to start | I feel fairly far from lonely thingy as someone lands me I feel you -message in the middle of bunch why's.

So, as I simply believe a presence of fairness in this cruel world by a straightforward care from one of many people around, as I intentionally pass it to others.

Thank you for letting me be balanced, for getting me excited with a sweet part of this life.

*) Maybe words which came from unexpected people tend to be a smalltalk, but sometime it takes me to a positive feeling.

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